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Online Wheel of fortune games let anyone who has spent hours enjoying watching contestants trying to solve those hangman type puzzles, try his hand as a contestant on the game show on the internet. Instead of just passively watching the games, you can now play a wheel of fortune game on the www and see if you are really as good as you thought you where. You'll get a chance to finally see how you measure up, after years of shouting the correct answers at TV screens which for some reason have failed to pass on your message to the actual wheel of fortune contestants.

Of course when you play wheel of fortune game online you don't have all the stress that comes with trying to solve a simple puzzle with a couple of million of viewers keeping their eyes on every wrinkle in your forehead, but hey, being able to play the game online in you pajamas can make up for that can't it? 

Now you can also download a wheel of fortune game from Real, one of the worlds best loved online games destinations. If you sign up to their free trial, you receive a free wheel-of-fortune game which you can keep and enjoy for as long as you like, even if you choose not to become a paying subscriber of Real after the free trial expires. That is one option to play wheel of fortune game 

Many TV game shows are being imitated on the Internet, like deal or no deal and who wants to be a millionaire, and wheel of fortune is no different. Sony, who now own the rights for the title, run an official online game at www.wheeloffortune.com, and many other sites offer hangman puzzles you can play with. While the roulette may conjure visions of a casino, there are no cash prizes in these games as far as we know, but with the rate at which skill games for money are picking up, it's just a question of time before you can get a chance to win money when you play the wheel of fortune online game.

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